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We are a dynamic French Commercial & Business Aviation Company. We have several offices around the world – in France, USA, Morocco, UAE, and South Africa – and we are constantly expanding our network.

The Eways intern will play a key role in supporting our daily operations. The internship offers exciting hands-on experience and the opportunity to gain new skills.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Assist in ensuring proactive planning, communication, and scheduling of a wide variety of tasks and meetings
  • Assist in the content development for new policies and procedures.
  • Work with the management team to plan and execute all required activities necessary to ensure achievements.
  • Participate in meetings including distributing agenda and taking minutes.
  • Help coordination of overall communication.


  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Logistics

The person sought must:

  1.    Be a recent graduate of a reputable university, with preferably a Business, Aviation, Supply Chain, Communications or Marketing related degree and/or Experience;
  2.    Be able to work a 10+ hour workday (max. 30 hours per week) starting October/November 2021;
  3.    Be uber-productive, able to switch between different kinds of tasks, and comfortable taking on all jobs, complex or mundane;
  4.    Be experienced and comfortable using online tools like G Suite, email marketing platforms, and social media outlets like Youtube, Linkedin;
  5.    Be very detail-oriented and thoughtful when executing a task or initiative;
  6.    Be able to figure out how things work, or how to get things done when a solution isn’t obvious or involves multiple steps or tools - a problem solver;
  7.    Be able to work well in a team setting and lead initiatives when needed;
  8.    Be able to use critical thinking and brainstorming to inform outcomes and drive decisions when working through projects.


  • A chance to work directly with the core team.
  • Internship Completion Certificate.
  • Letter Of Recommendation as per the performances.
  • Declaration of the best performer on their weekly based activity.
  • Mentorship throughout the internship.
  • LinkedIn Recommendation to the best performers.
  • Skills endorsement based on overall performance throughout the tenure.
  • Personalized feedback from their mentors.

Duration: 60 days

Internship Type: Unpaid

Location: Fully Remote

Hours to work: 30 hours per week

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