Repair Management

We assist you in maintaining excellence in your operations.

Airplane Maintenance
From Component Repair To On-site Support


Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

At Eways Aviation, we are always ready to find the best-suited, cost-effective solution to keep you flying.

Engineering & Technical assistance

Interior cabin

Line Maintenance

OEM/PMA Aircraft

Aircraft Maintenance,
Anytime, Anywhere.

Our team of aviation professionals is dispatched over the world in our branches in Dubai, Marrakech, London, Miami, Paris.

This allows us to effectively operate 24/7 in case of an AOG situation or any other maintenance activities that need to be carried out in a timely manner.

Get a quote within 2 hours with our ground handling services

Our Offices

Reactive MRO Service Provider

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We are here to meet your repair and maintenance requirements, no matter where the aircraft is located.

Our drive is to ensure that your fleet stays in the best condition to support your growth strategy. That is why we are always ready to think our services from your perspective.

We provide certified, expendable and rotables spares, even hard-to-find parts!

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Cost-effective MRO solutions

We are aware of your needs to reduce costs without compromising on safety.

Eways Aviation has an intimate knowledge of local realities and can help you improve the utilization and efficiency of your resources. Let us guide you through the post-COVID-19 crises and help you adapt to critical market trends.
If you are not ready to exchange a part or invest in a new one, Eways Aviation can assist in managing the repair, including piece part sourcing to assist in total cost reduction.

Our global MRO network, with various certified FAA & EASA repair stations worldwide, and our comprehensive experience managing repairs can assist your organization to keep repair costs to a minimum?

MRO Capabilities

Our extensive aircraft repair capabilities allow us to support all major commercial aircraft models, from long-haul airliners to regional aircraft.

Your Dedicated Aviation Experts

Discover our skilled aviation repair team, available for you 24/7.


Laurent Amiot

Sales Director

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Henrich Rahn

Sales and Purchasing Senior Executive

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Mohamed Taoudi

Sales Executive

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Aweke Animo

Sales and Purchasing Executive

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Etienne Mansour

Sales Manager

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Cesare Basile

VP of Sales South Asia Pacific

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Irma Azhar

Aviation Quality Control Manager

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Abdul Raheem

Sales and Purchasing Executive

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Aircraft Parts

We source expendable and rotables OEMs and PMAs.

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Jet Fuel Services

We supply a range of high quality
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