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At Eways Aviation, we are fueled by our team’s strong, global presence. We tailor ourselves to meet your local realities, ensuring that you, our teammate, get the very best experience.

We are an incredibly diverse, innovative, daring and passionate team that drives our continued global success.

Our cultures and values are deeply rooted in our collective strengths which are assembled from our teammates' unique perspectives and backgrounds.

Our people are our power.
Are you ready to be on the forefront of Aviation? Join our team and let’s get busy!

Tashreeqah Benjamin

Head of Human Resources


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OUR people are OUR power

Your pride in what we do and your competence in delivering excellent results are one of the main pillars of the success of our company. The aviation industry makes it imperative that we recruit the best employees in the business. To ensure this, we will foster your strengths and your unique perspectives. As a team, we will achieve great things!

Gunay Teymurova

Human Resources Manager


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