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Eways Aviation is inspired by local markets and fueled by a global team. We are established in 6 countries and have sales representatives all over the world!




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Our Company Culture

Mindfulness and creativity are a must to work at Eways Aviation. We encourage each other to deliver creative solutions, through a results driven and a personal approach. Challenges inspire us to improve operations, make a more valuable contribution, and gain greater personal satisfaction.

Whether it is from our colleagues or our partners, we are always looking forward new visions and fresh ideas. We hope that our clients can embrace our bold and creative mindset.

Aircraft Part

At Eways Aviation, we don't hold our energy and effort. Everything we do, we do it for the customers.


Eways Aviation emphasize listening and being attentive to the customers' needs. We tailor our operations based on specific local needs. We also listen carefully to the evolution of the industry to offer you the best advice for your future strategy.


We continually seek to improve our process and develop new ideas to better support our growing customer base. As far as we know, there is no problem without a solution: sky is the limit.


You can rely on our competent availability and a first-class customer care service. From all over the globe, we are here 24/7 to follow-up our missions and make sure our customer's products arrive on time.

Where Does the Name "Eways" Come From?

E for electronics

Eways Aviation was born out of the belief that digitalization is the future of air transport. In the post-Covid-19 era, we believe that connectivity is ever more essential. Indeed, physical distancing is driving stakeholders to adopt smart devices to reduce waiting time and improve the passenger experience.

E for effort

We believe that investment, focus, attention and hard work are the key to success. As we act as an intermediary between our partners and our customers, driving industry innovation in terms of safety and maintenance requires us to be 100% reliable. That's why we do the work and roll up our sleeves everyday.

Eways Aviation Story

Eways Aviation was co-founded in Paris, by Alain Tchale and Alain Guibere, to quickly become a key stakeholder in the African aviation industry.


From work-from-home structure, we celebrate our first international offices in Paris-Charles-De-Gaulle

Eways Aviation expands with new branches in Marrakesh and Miami, to better to support our growing customer base


We are a global company, but we like to be locals. We have teammates all around the globe and celebrate our new offices in Dubai WTC.

We have now extended our global network to meet the needs of our growing international customer base. Our goal for the coming years are...Eways Aviation is planning for the future and adapts to the humans and to innovation in the sector.

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