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Private Jet for Business

In Africa, strong and resilient economic development depends on a collaborative approach. This is why private jets are increasingly in demand. After all, trade links are still limited and the continent is vast.

Chartering a private jet has a substantial cost but is often the best answer to numerous business needs. Indeed, time management is the key too success for busy professionals and investors.

We bring African capitals together and make sure you never miss an opportunity again.


Africa Airports & Charter Routes

Avoid crowded airports and long waits at security checkpoints. Take off at any moment with your private jet and choose your own route to reduce road transfers.

Our highly experienced team of charter specialists will find a private jet that meets your specific needs through “off market” researches, and arrange all the details so you can fully enjoy the convenience of your next private business trip.

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Flights to Africa for Business

Private Charter

Choose the right aircraft from a range of helicopters, private jets, chartered corporate jets, and small specialized plane for business or leisure purposes.

Cargo Charter

Need a cargo plane to transport goods?
Get a fast response with a custom-made and cost-effective solutions, for urgent deliveries to any African destination.

Ground Charter

We are also here for you before and after the flight. We assist you in coordinating your trip, even for larger groups of passengers with regional jet airliners.

" Connecting Yamoussoukro to Pointe-Noire or Lubumbashi is a jigsaw puzzle. The flights are mostly during the night and with many stops (very long (overlays) sometimes). Suddenly, a simple move to control a production unit in another southern country mobilizes a week of working time with comfort unsuited for those who work remotly "

Employee of a multinational company
based in Côte d’Ivoire

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