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We are an aftermarket aircraft part supplier with ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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Since 2003, our specialized experts have been sourcing and supplying you with the appropriate spare parts, as well as offering alternative solutions, especially for obsolete or hard-to-find aircraft parts.

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What is the difference ?

You can choose between OEM or PMAs aircraft parts

Parts Manufacturer Approval

What are PMAs? PMA means Parts Manufacturer Approval parts : those aircraft parts have the advantage of being less expensive than their OEM alternative. PMA parts in aviation is perfectly adapted to airlines for which control over the budgetary costs is part of the development strategy.

The PMA parts Eways aviation offers are ISO 9001: 2015 certified which guarantees a very high level of quality in terms of manufacturing. Our PMA's replacement parts and tooling meet FAA standards for the aerospace market.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

The on-demand manufacture of some OEM in aviation can result in a significant waiting time and high cost. Do not hesitate to go for PMA parts as they are more economical, without any concessions being made on quality. At Eways, we offer the best of both worlds with Airframe parts, Avionics components, Landing Gear, APUs and Engines to meet our customers needs.

You can also contact us for consumables, including fuel or chemicals (oils, lubricants, coolers, hydraulic fluids, …)




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