We offer FFP2 masks for your health protection!

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Nicolas Botti
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April 23, 2020

When the world is going down and most plans are likely to fail, the farseeing companies are oriented at keeping everyone safe.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from the danger of coronavirus is wearing a mask. Everyone has to be aware of the necessity of wearing one. However, it is also the time when we are experiencing a lack of supplies for this valuable item. And even if you are able to find a mask, it might cost you a fortune.

At Eways Aviation we always care about safety. We are also ready to provide our clients with the most suitable solutions. We are constantly trying to search for new items to help the airlines, companies and people find the best possible answer.

We have some good news for everybody who is concerned about their health right now.

We are able to offer you FFP2 masks at a price as low as 1.69 USD per piece (the minimum quantity order is 10.000 units).

We want to mention we do appreciate the good work that is done quickly. In the world where the trends are always changing, and the newest innovations leave yesterday’s novelties behind, we understand the importance of being fast. Thus, we are going to deliver you the desired quantity of masks in three days' time.

What is also great about our masks is that they are coming from China and are 100% CE & FDA certified. We don’t like to contribute to the spread of false products on the market, thus, we always try to offer original items. Purchasing certified products is important since only when buying products like this you can be sure in their efficient essence.

We care about people around the world. Wearing our masks, you can easily do everything you need to without putting yourself in danger. You can go outside and even fly wherever you want.

Being engaged in technical innovations, we feel responsible for everybody’s wellbeing. This is our humble contribution to the struggle with coronavirus.

Nicolas Botti
Head of Communications
Former journalist, I Have 25 years of Experience in Journalism including 3 in the Aeronautical Industry. Passionate about the aviation business. Planes will keep on flying forever!

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