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Eways Aviation
Nick Cummins
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November 24, 2020

Eways Aviation new offices in Miami

This quarter has been an exciting time for Eways Aviation with two recent landmark events, with the grand opening of our new regional head office in sunny Miami, followed by a development summit in Dubai attended by the majority of the team. And that was just the beginning! As Eways Aviation is a world-spanning organization, it is rare that team members can meet up at a centralized location to discuss strategy and for the aviation industry's recovery in 2021. Lastly, the team finalized plans to evolve into a new type of aviation firm that looks towards an optimistic future.

"Despite covid19, we remain dynamic, looking with optimism at the future, delivering the same level of quality to our customers. This is a time of change but also a time of opportunities for everybody in the aviation industry. All the companies have to reinvent themselves amid the lasting consequences of the current crisis"

Nicolas Botti, Head of Communication at Eways Aviation

Miami Office Grand Opening

October started off to a bang with the new Miami office. Moving from a smaller site, this new and expanded facility will now be the hub of MRO/AOG services and consulting in the western hemisphere, covering everything from coldest Alaska to deepest Patagonia. Those new spare seats in the office won't be empty for long, as the firm looks for new talent to work from the sunny Miami shores and help local (and not so local) clients. The Miami office will join the other offices in the worldwide Eways Aviation team, such as Paris, Marrakech, Istanbul, Dubai, and Johannesburg.

Each of these offices has team members from that locality, who understand the aviation landscape and have deep traditional industry connections. After all, the multicultural team is at the very core of our “adapted to local realities” approach to providing the very best aviation services.

"We are very proud of the flexibility that allows us to work seamlessly in very different parts of the world even among the worse crisis aviation has ever known. We’re expanding our market reach and our range of services always adapting to the realities of our customers."

Dubai Summit

Part of the team visiting Dubaï during their free time!

Surprisingly, the week did not end without another major event in the Eways Aviation calendar. The team organized a summit in Dubai to be attended by available team members to plan for the aviation industry's recovery in 2021 and to discuss how Eways can better serve its partners. Attending the meeting included not only those in the Miami office, but also members from the Paris team, and even a team member flying in from Johannesburg.

With meetings during the day at the Dubai office with the local team, a six-month strategy was put together outlining the best way forward for the industry to return to normal service, and how Eways Aviation can help its clients get ahead of the curve. In addition, the team welcomed a new recruit to the fold (meeting no less than nearly the whole international team in one day) and also took some quality time to build team spirit after a tough year in aviation.

Lastly, the offside of this summit was not wasted with client managers meeting several clients at their facilities at DBX and giving that personal touch that Eways Aviation is known for. Whilst social distancing may have become the the norm in 2020 (plenty of business has been done via phone or video call this year), Eways knows that clients prefer the personal touch and appreciate the team checking in personally where possible.

The Evolution of Eways Aviation

As the world has changed to face COVID, so has Eways Aviation. Firstly, almost as soon as most of the airplanes and airports were immobilized by the COVID, we developed new services, providing our customers with a wide range of PPE products (masks, digital thermometers, overalls, test kits,...). Since March, our ambition remains the same: we want the airplanes to go back to the skies as soon as possible thanks to best-in-class PPEs in accordance with reinforced health procedures.

Moreover, and despite the health crisis, we decided to inaugurate new offices. Eways can now deliver its services and help to clients faster than ever before. Clients have been delighted by these upgrades, with confidence that their aircraft will be back in the sky the quickest way possible - thanks to having 'boots on the ground' in respective regions. With this ever-expanding network, there will be plenty of resources allocated to those truly in need, and clients can be confident that Eways can live up to the promise of an answer in two hours or less, anywhere in the world. To reiterate our promise, we made a new corporate video about how Eways Aviation can help you anywhere, anytime.


Not only has Eways Aviation taken steps to build flexibility and redundancy into its services but so too have we seen that we must evolve to become an aviation thought leader. Eways Aviation has also shared its insider local knowledge of certain regions often not covered, highlighting local realities and the achievements that are too often forgotten in all parts of the world, ranging from deepest Africa to the remote Pacific.

One of the ways that Eways can help foster change is through education and we are soon going to present the first Eways Aviation animated video, highlighting the safety of air travel during this COVID period. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for its release.

At last, we are excited to announce our sponsorship of Flight Global's Decade of Airline Excellence Awards! We are proud to sponsor the African award during this very important ceremony for the aviation industry! Visit their website for more information and stay tuned to our social accounts for updates.

Look to us in the future for exciting content and services as we explore more markets, new airlines, start-ups, and other emerging opportunities for business in the world's most exciting industry - aviation!

The Team at Eways Aviation

Nick Cummins
Copywriter - Aviation Journalist
Journalist - Working in news media for over a decade with outlets including 9News and the Discovery Channel, Nick is an airline marketing specialist with a Masters level education. Working closely with AirAsia, Virgin Australia, Turkish Airlines and others, Nick provides unique insight and analysis on a variety of aviation topics. Based in Sydney, Australia.

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