Desert to Savannah: The Aviation Network of Chad

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Ahmed El Dahan
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November 16, 2021

Situated on the cusp between north and central Africa, Chad is a landlocked country that shares borders with six neighbors - Libya, Sudan, Cameroon, Nigeria, The Central African Republic and Niger. Home to Lake Chad, the second largest African wetland, the country is home to diverse terrains; from the desert in the north to a fertile savannah in the south west and a Sahelian belt that stretches across the country’s mid-section. 

Despite Chad's political challenges, it’s landlocked position has encouraged the growth of an expansive airport network, with 45 facilities spread across its 22 regions. Of them the country has one international airport and several domestic airports with adequate facilities to offer scheduled flights by its single airline - Tchadia Airlines.  


N'Djamena International Airport

N'Djamena International Airport is Chad's only international airport that serves the capital city of N'Djamena. N'Djamena International has a single 2,800m runway. Many airlines touchdown down at the airport including Tchadia Air, Turkish Airlines and Air France.

Moundou Airport

Moundou Airport is the second busiest airport in Chad and serves the second largest city after the capital. With a single 1,800m runways it sees scheduled traffic only from Tchadia Airlines between N'Djamena and Sarh.

Abéché Airport 

This airport serves the city of Abéché, the fourth largest city in Chad and capital of the Ouaddaï Region. It has one asphalt runway measuring 2,800m and sees scheduled flights Faye Largeau and N'Djemena by Tchadia Airlines.

Am Timan Airport

Am Timan Airport is located in the Salamat region of Chad offering domestic flights to N'Djamena. Tarco Airlines from Sudan also offers flights to the airport from Khartoum.

Faya-Largeau Airport

Faya-Largeau Airport is a small airport serving Faya-Largeau - the largest city in northern Chad found in the Borkou Region. It has a single 2,800m runway and offers domestic flights.


Tchadia Airlines

Tchadia Airlines was founded in 2018 when the Government of Chad signed an agreement with Ethiopian Airlines to launch Chad's new national carrier. It has a fleet of two Bombardier airplanes and a Boeing 737. It serves 10 domestic and regional destinations with its base in N'Djamena International Airport. 

Growing Steady

Chad’s aviation network is limited given the country’s developing status, but it still retains the potential to have progressing airport facilities. Meanwhile its airline performance is moderate and the country should strive to expand its flag carrier along with initiating charter and private airlines.

Ahmed El Dahan
Aviation Journalist
A seasoned writer, Ahmed El Dahan was trained in Journalism and Mass Communication in the American University in Cairo. He then moved on to refine his writing skills working in various publications covering such topics as tourism, art exhibitions, music along with being a food critic. Relocating to Paris in 2015, he has an ever growing curiosity for the aviation industry. Away from the page, Dahan is an active professional saxophonist.

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