Web Booking Solutions for Airlines

Today airlines strive not only to sell as many tickets as possible, but also to increase their brand’s loyalty and to maximize the average value per transaction for new and returning customers. Our airline booking software is a perfect fit for all of these goals.


Online Distribution System

Online Distribution System

If you consider enabling direct flight booking at your corporate website to boost your online ticket sales, we can offer:

effective airline booking engine implementation and support
E-smart intuitive user interface
seamless and fast flight search and book process
multi-language and multi-currency support
integration with secure payment systems
social media applications as additional marketing channels for brand’s social exposure
mobile solutions with mobile-adapted ticket booking interface

Since flight reservation is considered the largest among all bookable sectors in travel industry, think about the profit that can be achieved by promoting auxiliary products and value-added services together with airline ticket sales!

Our E-Retail online airline booking system is a fully customisable solution available in up to 29 languages, matching the needs of your airline and enabling rapid global roll-out. Hosted on secure servers with a proven record of over 99.9% uptime, the airline IBE is upgraded three times each year to ensure it utilises the most advanced technology available.

Key benefits of E-booking Web Solutions for Airlines.

24/7 availabilty for customers

24/7 availabilty for customers


Reduce costs: the E-booking Solution covers the costs of development, maintenance and hosting when you use the E-Retail airline booking system. Your airline benefits from all enhancements made across the shared infrastructure, and joint development of community solutions and products.
Increase customer satisfaction: Offer your customers an efficient round-the-clock online airline booking system, as well as establish and maintain a strong, direct customer relationship while promoting your brand and services.
Increase revenue: Grow your airline’s revenue and market share, especially in your domestic market, by expanding and strengthening your online presence.

> Increase profit margins and avoid paying considerable commission to sales agents.
For example, airline companies find it quite beneficial to launch consumer sales on their websites using online booking engine integrated with their airline booking software.

Our E-booking engines represents the key-element of travel website software, allowing direct sales of tourism products on company’s travel portal. “Showcasing” B2C travel offers on the company’s website can be profitable in many ways, especially when it implies a possibility to manage and promote own travel products.

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