How Airlines Are Using Apps To Fight The Coronavirus

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Nick Cummins
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May 1, 2020

The pandemic is heavily to blame for the collapse of different airlines all around the world with passenger traffic reducing by 99%. Countries are isolated despite the needs of citizens to travel and keep a daily routine. However, modern innovative companies working diligently day and night have proposed an interesting solution. Using App technology. With the help of apps, it is possible to be vigilant beyond sight and sound. Here, at Eways Aviation, we believe that once you implement cutting edge technologies, the risk of being contracted with the deadly coronavirus disease is minimal.

How is app technology helping the coronavirus fight in aviation?

Using smartphone app technology, governments have been able to implement a track & trace respond to the coronavirus. This means that with a click of a button, they can instantly alert those onboard a flight and the airlines that they might be infected (and thus can take action to isolate themselves). This has been shown to reduce the spread of the virus significantly, as passengers don't wander for days in the population spreading the disease.

App technologies are also useful in telemedicine. As a great many doctors are immersed in diagnosing, and treatment of the potentially infected patients, the risk for their health is too high. That's why apps help communicate with worried passengers and help them diagnose from the safety of an isolated location. Plus, as doctors can consult with passengers remotely, it allows them to save time and see many more in one day.

Apps also help in the delivery of medicine to healthcare sites and PPE to airports. This idea of contactless delivery is now widespread, and we consider it as a great accomplishment of integrating app technology into the supply chain. Indeed, the less we contact with others during the pandemic, the less likely the virus will spread.

Using App Technology To Find Masks And Other Supplies

However, as great as app technology is, it is not the total end-all solution for airlines. Airlines also need to secure proper PPE (personal protection equipment) such as gloves to physically operate aircraft and onboard services. Alas, these products are in high demand, and even flag carrier airlines like American Airlines and Air France are struggling to find enough equipment. Also if an airline can figure out where to buy them, they will need to spend a fortune on this purchase and shipping to help in the search and save airlines money, Taiwan researchers created a particular app that searches available protective masks. The smart program collects the data where masks are on the open market and lists how to acquire them. It is extremely popular. So far in one month, more than one million people have used it. But why go to all that trouble?

At Eways Aviation, we are ready to supply you with all the equipment you need. You can just visit our website and choose the best protective items to keep your team members and passengers safe.

Your health is the primary cause for us, that's why we try to deliver all the necessary goods for you along with all the essential information.

Nick Cummins
Copywriter - Aviation Journalist
Journalist - Working in news media for over a decade with outlets including 9News and the Discovery Channel, Nick is an airline marketing specialist with a Masters level education. Working closely with AirAsia, Virgin Australia, Turkish Airlines and others, Nick provides unique insight and analysis on a variety of aviation topics. Based in Sydney, Australia.

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