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Eways Aviation
Nicolas Botti
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November 20, 2019

In its Oct 19 issue, African Aerospace magazine publishes an interview with Alain Tchale, Eways Aviation's Business Development and Strategic Director

What does Eways Aviation do? While based in Paris, I understand that the company largely works in Africa.  Can you tell me the services you offer?

Eways Aviation is fully dedicated to aviation services in Africa and Middle East. For commercial aviation, we provide spare parts (PMA and OEM), MRO services, ACMI leasing, aircraft interior design, on-board Wi-Fi installation,… We also provide some private jet charter for business and services and equipment for airports.

We are now at the heart of the African market and close to our customers thanks to our new office in Marrakech. Our aim has always been to provide the same quality of service, fast delivery as is available anywhere else in the world. There is no reason why Africa should get 2 nd rate service, and that’s what we’re working on. We are happy to work with customers who have high requirements, and our job is to meet them.

Do you see business aviation increasing in Africa? Why?

Business needs to be able to fly flawlessly over the continent going from a capital and a big busy city to another one. The economy in Africa needs it. The whole continent will benefit from it and not only a few countries. It is not said often enough but aviation can be much cheaper for long distances than the road. Highways are very expensive to build and maintain. Aviation is more flexible and can be adapted to the reality of traffic between two destinations. So, there’s a strong business case for aviation in Africa!

What challenges can the company face while working in Africa?

When you work in Africa, you have to be knowledgeable and ready to adapt very quickly to new situations. We adapt our way of working to the daily operating difficulties related to the cultural factors that complicate the fluidity of professional exchanges.

Our understanding of cultural and geo-strategic aspects saves a lot of time because the efforts and the energy are concentrated on the essentials: providing a service in a fast, efficient way and at the best price.

Why is the African continent important to you?

Africa struggles a lot to build a strong economy and African countries must work together. There are still many problems but this century will be African. And I heartily feel that aviation deployment on the whole continent is an essential support and a key factor to its development and success. In that regard, I think we all agree that the single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) is an unmissable opportunity for the future of the continent. And to date, already 28 countries have signed up to the SAATM. So, I’m happy to say that as an aviation business director, I have all the reasons to believe that the future of aviation is in Africa.

What does a typical day involve for you in your role?  Do you travel to Africa to oversee projects?

A typical day for me involves being available for our teams, no matter if they are based in Paris, Miami, Dubai or Marrakech. I often go to Africa to meet customers, sound the market, reinforce our relations with customers, supervise our African operations and to participate in the different aviation events.

We have inaugurated our first office in Africa in Marrakech last year. This is a very important step for us. We strongly believe that to be able to work efficiently in Africa you need to have a continuous physical presence in the continent.

The issue can be found here on African Aerospace website for free.

Download the magazine in PDF format

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Nicolas Botti
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Former journalist, I Have 25 years of Experience in Journalism including 3 in the Aeronautical Industry. Passionate about the aviation business. Planes will keep on flying forever!

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